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Listado de Cards usables en WoE - BG

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Listado de Cartas No usables WoE y BG

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El chance de Cards normales es de 1% y el chance de Drop de Cards MvP y Mini Boss es 0.01%, donde existen una restricción en el Server de utilizar las Cards MvP y Mini Boss en ciertos mapas, tales como de WoE, BG, PvP (No todos los modos) y eventos.

El listado de Cartas NO usables es:



  • Amon Ra Card
  • Assassin Cross Eremes Card
  • Atroce Card
  • White Lady Card
  • Baphomet Card
  • Berzebub Card
  • Dark Lord Card
  • Detardeurus Card
  • Doppelganger Card
  • Dracula Card
  • Drake Card
  • Eddga Card
  • Evil Snake Lord Card
  • Fallen Bishop Hibram Card
  • Hatii Card
  • Gloom Under Night Card
  • Golden Thief Bug Card
  • High Priest Card
  • High Wizard Card
  • Ifrit Card
  • Samurai Spector Card
  • Kiel-D-01 Card
  • Stormy Knight Card
  • Ktullanux Card
  • Lady Tanee Card
  • Lord Knight Card
  • Lord of The Dead Card
  • Maya Card
  • Mistress Card
  • Moonlight Flower Card
  • Orc Hero Card
  • Orc Lord Card
  • Osiris Card
  • Pharaoh Card
  • Phreeoni Card
  • RSX-0806 Card
  • Sniper Card
  • Tao Gunka Card
  • Memory of Thanatos Card
  • Turtle General Card
  • Randgris Card
  • Vesper Card
  • MasterSmith Card
  • General Egnigem Cenia Card

Mini Boss:

  • Angeling Card
  • Dark Illusion Card
  • Deviling Card
  • Ghostring Card
  • Maya Purple Card

Donde queda como usable:

  • Salamander Card
  • Gemini Card
  • Observation Card
  • Thanatos Odium Card
  • Despero of Thanatos Card

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